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Payroll and Accounting

Recording everyday transactions during the operation of your business.

When analyzed provides reliable data for great decisions.

Balance sheets, cashflow, profit loss, budgeting, payroll, profit centers along with breakeven units and price.

Bookkeeping for the banker, the tax man... management information for you, the owner. All in one easy step!
Business Logic’s New

Business Pulse Template!

August 1, 2017

Find and stop money leaks! 

Find and seize opportunities! 

Find and keep more of your money!

With this great tool, anyone can manage business finances.

It's your new CFO Assistant at a fraction of the cost. Simply fill in the blanks with the data you have… analytical data and insights are then graphically displayed.

Business Services

We all need help at one time or another...

...where to get checks, web services, Ebooks, or consulting, coaching or mentoring, we do that! 

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